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[NA] Knights Of Ethuna | RP/PVX | Hardcore | Discord

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Knights Of Ethuna

-Guild Leader-
-Server Region-
TBA, North America
-Ethuna Legacy Discord
-Guild Website-

-About Us-
-Recruitment Video

Knights Of Ethuna is an RP/PVP/PVE guild. While our primary focus is on Roleplaying PVE and PVP are also super fun aspects of any game, and thus it will be part of what we focus on. 
Ethuna Legacy is a relatively new guild in the realm of MMO Games, but it branches off from the Bladeborn Ascendancy on SWTOR. While it may be to soon to decide on what guild to join, we welcome all interested applicants to join our discord!

Our Focus:

RP, PVP, Sieges, Wars. 
Overall we wish to touch upon all aspects of the game and potentially be one of the best RP/PVP guilds out there!
What We Offer:
>>Organized Content/Events
>>Creative Environment
>>Friendly Competition
>>Experienced Leadership

>>Active - Actively participate with the Guild
>>Non-Toxic - Disrespecting others will not be tolerated
>>Be Mature - No Drama, Stay Open Minded!
>>Discord - Understanding of English

What if I don't wish to RP?
That's Fine! While the guild's main focus is RP PVP is also a big part of the community, Rank Progression will be based on a Point system rather than progress within the Academy. 

Why Discord?
Discord allows for faster responses and offers Voice and Text communication. With the Discord app staying in touch with the community is much easier. 


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    When it comes to guilds having a community that is treated as a family is one vital part of keeping everyone together. Being an RP based guild, there's a constant flow of thoughts and ideas. Everyone has their own stories to tell, and it's our job to help you do that! 

    Some people may be concerned about others being overpowered. Using techniques refined over the years we have created a system to make Roleplaying both enjoyable and progressive for everyone. Ethuna has an academy where it raises its warriors, while many fall during their growth others prevail and become grand warriors. We are currently working on a learning system where no one can learn every skill or be too strong in something; this eliminates the potential for being overpowered. Secondly, all new characters start in the age range of 7-12, this gives room for character development, so everyone starts as a student, learns, and works their ways up to greatness! If this sounds interesting feel free to join our discord so that we may answer any questions you may have! :)
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