From The Ashes | Episode 35: Official Content Creator

From The Ashes | Episode 35: Official Content Creator - The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!
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This week, Aggelos organizes a special Ashen News roundup edition of From The Ashes. In this shorter episode, Aggelos goes over the recent Dungeon Crawler Network show outage and community efforts to get us back up and running as well some special announcements and recap of the latest news for Ashes of Creation during the month of January!

If you would like to join The Dungeon Crawler Network guild, Hands of Fate, follow the link below:

Hands of Fate - Application - Discord

Show Notes:

  • The Ashen News Roundup - January Edition

Podcast Information:

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    Congrats on the official content creator.
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    Varkun said:
    Congrats on the official content creator.
    Thank you mate!
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    Nice 👍👍
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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited February 2018
    Congrats man been following you guys for a while now, pretty much what sold me on getting the game. If people don't show up on your show and you got no one to sub in hit me up ill be your last resort. 
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    Amazing work once more you guys. If you looked to personify dedication towards Ashes from within the community, no one would need to look further than @Aggelos and @Thais. :)
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    Congratulations you guys you have done outstanding work for the community so this is well deserved ^^
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    Wow! Thank you so much guys! That means so much to us!
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