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[NA] Sigma - PvX - MidCore - 18+

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About Us

Sigma is a guild founded by experienced guild leaders. We are looking to stake a claim in Ashes of Creation and create a friendly environment for a small group of friends.

We focus on PvE and non-combat activities. As such, we are recruiting a raiding team, as well as gatherers, craftspeople, and traders. Whilst we wish to focus solely on PvE, we will be actively taking part in trade. Therefore we are recruiting a small team of PvP caravan guards to protect our traders and our profits!

We will be looking to headquarter our guild within a scientific node, as we feel that democratic elections and benefits that a science node will provide work well with our guild ethos.

Our Aim

While we have goals we wish to achieve within Ashes of Creation, this is ultimately a game, and we want all of our members to enjoy their time in Verra. Most of that will fall in the PvE realm, but we realize that Verra is a dangerous place, and so we will have a contingent for PvP as well. First and foremost, however, we realize that real life comes first.

Requirements to Join

Must be over the age of 18
Be willing to join and interact over Discord
Be able to stick to our community rules.

Apply Today on our Website

Apply: http://www.guilded.gg/#!zz0jb7ygkR

The discord link will be given out once you've completed an application.


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