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From brokenness comes healing and thicker skin. 



I won't bore you to death and tell you that this guild will be the best and that you're making the best choice. Fact is I have no earthly idea because we all have different viewpoints. 

The focus of this guild in its current state is to hype the game until we get a more solid product. 
I am choosing to form around content creators because there are many of us but not all can be seen or heard. Having a centralized hub for newcomers and established members to consume all things Ashes is a dream goal. 

As a gay man in this gamer world, it is also profoundly important to find like-minded individuals to form bonds with. This decision is close to my heart, every disconnected and disenfranchised LGBT+ person deserves a place to be themselves. Of course, all are free to join but must possess an acceptance for all walks of life. 

Inclusiveness is what I am about and I want that to reflect in a community as well. 
If you are still reading this then I hope you will join me on this journey. 

Many things still need to be worked upon and built from the ground up and I need strong, dedicated people to make that happen. 
Come be part of something meaningful and let's prosper together. 

 PvX, Content Creation, Casual RP, Progressive world building  (node development), All inclusive guild. 
Leader: Makinoji
Timezone: NA timezones preferred for actual in-game activities but any time zones may join for content creation purposes. 
Requirements: Must have discord and a headset. A microphone is optional. 
Recruitment: All ages are welcome. Currently looking to build the core members of the guild, officers, leaders and a charter. 

Twitter: discolips
AOC forum @makinoji
Ashen Foundry

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