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Graphic Unit Interface

Well since IS has stated that they are going with limited addons.  Actually said more like no addons but think some will be allowed.  But a large number of addons are not necessary but the following things are necessary.

Crowd Control

Well some forms of CC are not so obvious like being blinded or paralyzed or silenced so there needs to be some visual que that your under those effects on you and on other palyers. For example a bleeding Effect could be visulized as a drop of blood falling down a little bit then restarted.  Or like if you are posoined then that damage should appear in a different color and there should be a particle effect that represents.   Plus if your are poisoned and have bleeding damage and blinded then all three visual effects should be seen at one time. 

It could be as simple as Icons near a toons head.  Be really cool if they had a pulse and then had a slight fading explosing when the effect ended. Player could have option which ones to show.

Buffs and Debuffs

Should be seen on players and other players. Not just a a little square underneath there portrait although it will not be possible to visualize all buffs.  For example buffs from potions but could be possible.(Just a lot of visuals to manage.)

So let say I get poisoned then I would see a visual effect the the damage would be a different color and then would know to take antidote or ask for spell that cure such things.

Have the option to see a countdown of of abilities cool down. So lets say the cd is 12 seconds for lightning.  then there would be a count down over that ability icon from 12 seconds.  Some games include tenths of seconds but think if ability  just flashed when done off cool down that would send a visual message to player that it was done.

Should also have a option for countdown for cc like being stunned for 5 seconds then there is a countdown for that cc like over that toons head.



  • Hate to be the only one posting on this thread but......

    Think that since there should be target dummies that are smart.  For example would like a target were you could set the health.  That way you could set it to lets say 100k health and see how long it would take you to kill it. Plus would like to be able to adjust the armour like lets say cloth leather plate scale mail. And so one to see how effective it is in combat.  Be pretty cool if you had some target dummies for tanking and healers to.  Plus would like to see target dummies arena 1 2 and 3 for practicing targeting for areans.
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