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New upgrade packages in store - working?

I noticed the Upgrade packages in the online store and was curious if they were truly 100% ready to use yet. I have the impression they're different from the kickstarter upgrades that I've seen posted about, but before I upgraded I wanted to check. The math looks right in terms of deltas between what I purchased and the various levels, but didn't see any announcements related to the option, so wanted to be sure first.

Thanks in advance!


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    edited February 2018
    Hi there,  kickstarter upgrades are indeed working head on over to and you will be able to purchase upgrades/addon's etc

    if your a summer backer they are implementing that soon, however at this time it's not available, 
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    Thanks Shunex. I'm a pre-order backer, and it looks right in the store, so wanted to check first. Sounds like I should wait?
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    it should be all good, if it look's right, if there's any issue's let us know :smile:

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    Looks like it worked. I can't tell if the access level changed, but I definitely see both orders in my account history. Fingers crossed!
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    yep that should be a success if it show's up in your account history congrats!
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    I attempted to upgrade as a founder, but i only got "page not found"! Will try back in a few days.
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