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Lore and Mystery AoC

I think its a good idea at the beginning that we dont know to much about Vera, because it will be better for what a I call " The Sense of Adventure". That what I dont like with some others games, we know everything about the  story, the instances, the plot, etc, even before the game is released. And we dont have anything to discover, because everything its already known. So just little bit of lore, to start the game like tension between races, some ancient myth & legends about Vera. The environment that evolve with the players choices, the lore that will emerge from that will be great and maybe different from a sever to another. I know we need some for the maketing and the promotion of AoC, but like I said, lets us discover and keep some mystery about Vera.

That my own opinion, please feel free to comment,  more we discuss about the game and more great idea will born from it.


  • They also feel this is important. It has been reinforced over a few livestreams. There is even a statement that they will be inserting fake/dummy lore during the testing phases so that people still won't know fully what is going on until live launch.
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