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Subscription and other costs

I was wondering if someone could tell me what, approximately, it's going to cost to play AoC?  I am assuming there will be a monthly subscription of about $15 but will there be an initial price and/or any other costs?  I'm in my 70s on a small pension so I need to start saving if there is going to be an initial price.  I can only afford to do one subscription so I will have to give up what I'm playing now for AoC, so it had better be worth it - lol!  It sure sounds like it will be.  Thanks for any information.


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    The game won't cost anything to "buy" afaik. Only the subscription price of around 15 USD per month. 
  • TexTHKM  Thanks!
  • No box price, just subscription and optional cosmetic shop.
  • Also, if you have other gaming friends that might be joining you here. If you research and make a referral link from the tab on your account page, give it to them, they sign up using it, and it successfully registers, you will get 15% of anything they purchase as cash into your account after launch. The math people say that means if you have 7 other people just paying for their sub in your "downline" you play for free. More referrals and you could even make money by having people just play the game and being your referrals. There will however be requirements that have to be met before getting a "balance" sent to you. They are not going to pay the transfer fees to send a dollar to your bank every month when it costs them $5 to do it as an example. Remember it is not based on how many people sign up, but how many are actually dropping cash.
  • Going on a recruitment drive, lol. :) 
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