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The tale of a lady named Karen

I've kinda been hesitant to post this but be sure to tell me what you think.

Before i stepped through the gateway I cared for the unwanted children of a small elven city called Thal'ellaine. it was my job to make the best possible future for all children involved. i did so by weaving lovely tapestries of each of their individual timelines to have our greatest authors and artists inspire each other practically from birth with a great rate of success in both adoption and "manipulation". but the empire preferred paladins and battle mages over that of scholars and diplomats and would eventually find one kid that didn't end up as great as all else bringing into question the effectiveness of my matronage. to make great people some O.K. ones have to be pushed to the wayside, but the elven courts didn't agree and for the horrendous crime of choosing a diplomats future over a paladins i was banned from all further use of magic while in Thal'ellaine as well as revoking the position of orphan matron and (something they didn't broadcast to the people) "Communicative Retardation" Because one simply can't have a once high ranking elven official pointing out the flaws of their own society. and then the darkest of days came.        

        when scennea; a herald of the Apocalypse began his attempted siege of Thal'ellaine our first steps were to evacuate the sick, young, and elderly, but we didn't expect enemy ships in our back ports and the initial evacuation ships were quickly decimated.i do believe that was the moment i lost my sanity; there i was magic sapped unable to protect the lives i worked so hard for; everything i had ever loved or enjoyed had been taken from me within the span of a fortnight. my cries of anguish and despair were so shrill they brought enemy blockades to their  knees, and that's when i realized; the empire knew this was coming. . . i was just a pawn to help the troops push forward. my future was just as readily assigned by a higher up as the youths i controlled myself and this was just another leg of my punishment. i went silent; the empire was no longer going to use me for their plots and ploys; the only proper thing to do after such a realization is self-banishment, but i promised to get retribution for the lives the empire wasted for self preservation.          

          Through my pilgrimage i found out just how much of our glorious empire was pre-judicated; as in the only tragedies of the empire  could be summed up in the simple fact that paladins should not be the one to meddle with the time streams. i was an orphan matron for quite some time and something the empire can't change is the fact that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world nor could they change the fact that their people were killing their world i was going to unite those willing and open a gateway to a newfound reality on a planet named "Vera". when the gateways finally opened up my people rejoiced. that is until the elven governments troupe of perfect little paladins came in with the execution order of anyone attempting to flee the planet, and then their sins came back to haunt them. over the horizon was the ghostly army of the realities and futures and PEOPLE the empire so frivolously threw away; the paladins immediately drew their attention towards the mass but it was already too late. slowly the apparitions began to rise like a choking mist throughout the battleground taking their own recompense in slowly sapping the life force of those who took from them.and so the empire paid for their militaristic obsessions and with seemingly all but this planets ancients leaving to the new world i wonder just how many of the same mistakes we are going to make.


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