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If I were to buy into this game now...

Would I currently be able to play alpha? Are the testing in waves or are the servers 24/7?


  • You cannot purchase access to alpha 0.
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    The game is currently in Alpha 0, which cannot be bought into by the store packages, only won through key giveaways. The earliest the store packages gain alpha access is alpha 1 phase.
  • Ok, thank you.
  • I will also add that im pretty sure alpha 1 will not be persistent. Cant remmeber where but i know i have heard that all the alphas will be time slot until possibly closed beta.
  • alpha 2 was listed to be a persistent alpha meaning servers up, not sure about any of the beta' will have this feature. 
  • Also, with persistent alpha please remember all progress will be wiped before launch. This is to ensure the no P2W policy.
    There will be head start servers, but you will know which ones they are at launch so you can choose not to start on them. That said, on the head start servers node progression will be turned off until full release date.
  • The way it will most likely be. (Speculation and opinion only). Alpha 1 will start with some weekends where they attempt to get the 5k or so people logged on and sorted. Which will be a clusterfuck like any first mass login by people. That will cause downtime while they scramble to fix those issues. As the Alpha progresses the sessions will become longer and longer. Remember, this part isn't under NDA, so any major screw-ups are going to be fed to their detractors live and in color. Servers get stable and they are able to let people play and report what is broken for awhile. Servers later on in Alpha 1 will be up 24/7. Alpha 2 releases, same issues with logins because you added a whole new mess of people. They attempt to keep servers up with minimal daily downtime. This runs until they feel most major cores mechanics and systems are in place. Then because of just pure numbers, they copy the current Alpha 2 build onto a new server and call it beta 0. Everyone is still playing on the main test server that bought a package, but those people of that small subset that were given basically a chance at open beta are given a couple weeks to putter around in the current build. Servers go down and they wipe what is now two test servers and bring everyone back with a choice of either (hopefully location based) most likely one NA, and possibly one EU (OCE didn't cry loud enough). Everyone gets a fresh shiny Beta 1 experience and the masses rejoice. Stuff is broken, people rise in anger when their vision and interpretation of how they saw things isn't realized. Bugs are reported and general polish and balance occurs. This bleeds into a Beta 2. And then launch. Lots to go wrong, and like I said, this is my opinion on futurecasting.
  • @UnknownSystemError about half way through reading that post I forgot you were talking about AoC and thought you were summarizing EVERY game that releases a playable alpha XD

  • Yep, no reason to believe the experience would be any different. Just that we know for sure that progress will be wiped and probably wiped often as testing demands are needed. To many people have gotten used to half-baked games trying to cash grab to milk cash and get rich quick by releasing as Steam "early access" or something like Rust that is finally coming out of its "alpha" 4 years later that they are going to be in for a major shock when Ashes goes old school on them and really makes them true testing and polish alpha and betas.
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