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What type of relics do you want to see?

Ok we know there will be relics in the game, items of power to be used by the players.

My question mainly is this. What types do you want to see?

If came out we will get legendry ones, but really how should this be handled too?


1. We should have general relics, ones everyone can use, these would be low level ones.

2. We should have special relics, ones that work with only certain classes. There by making them a little more rare in the game.

3. The Epic / Legendry types should only be found in dungeons, and the very rare off boss fights only.

Just my 2 cents on the topic. so what is yours?


  • I think they should be something obtained by defending a node from a boss, specifically one generated due to that nodes leveling. Then the relic is placed in the cities central governmental building, or temple (etc.), granting the node a special benefit or allowing additional buildings and stuff like that. Nothing that would make the node significantly harder to siege, since I firmly believe in the siege mechanic being very important to server development.

    That said, I think there should only be relics generated by those node-boss encounters, not a limited number since there are many opportunities for their generation. But only ever one of a kind type objects.

    I then think they should be stolen (or potentially stolen) during a successful raid, allowing one node to potentially have them all. I don't think stealing them should be necessary to succeed at the raid, just a nice "We got city X's Relic!" in addition to the victory.

    So, I would prefer there not to be a Relic Ring of the Lich King Nagash... or at least not one that more than one person would have. More along the lines of the Relic Ring of Lich King Nagash could be proudly displayed as the one and only in a node. Possibly allowing the guards to look like skeletons.
  • Relics should be rare and gotten only from rare in game events, we know that once a node progresses to a certain stage there will be more events happening so maybe the boss monster could have a chance to drop a relic albeit a small one, the relics should also not be game breaking since they are rare and a few people will have them then they can't just make it so that "I got a relic, I'm OP" :3
  • Now I think it would be cool, if there was a puzzle Relic, with each part of it being powerful. But once you have all the pieces, then it turns into an super epic Relic of power. Very hard to find all the pieces, and very rare. Something like this would take a long time to get all the pieces needed, but once you did, it would be very worth your time.

    What could it be used for?

    Think like this, if your in the middle of a siege war, whoever has this power Relic, it would tip the battle to their side fast.

    But again this is a dream, if something like this was added to the game, don't think it will be found easy. You would need to put a lot of work into it. Heck i would add, you would need to put resources into crafting other items you need to help keep the Relic in one piece. Just saying something on this level should be easy to come by or make.

  • Yeah you can say it's 'hard to get' but all it requires is time and grinding, people would soon get those powerful relics and they would be game breaking in what they do taking most of the fun away :3
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    edited February 2018
    Relics need to be 'town hall based' node quest lines that node members assist with. They need to have multiple components as part of that quest that can only be obtained by multiple content types by multiple group sizes from multiple areas (ie relic are 'node' quests not 'personal' quests). They need to give node bonuses only. They need to come with a nemesis attached whose relic is the only thing that can destroy the nemesis. The community needs to decide whether to destroy the nemesis to stop the re-occurring damage to the node by destroying the weapon in epic battle (part of the relic quest that puts it back on the stack for others) or keep the relic and the buffs, but suffer the nemesis issues.

    God mode for players does not work in mutiplayer games....only single player. So you give the power to the node instead with check and balances. There can be no privileges without equally punitive penalties. So relics can be tuned to specific node types, that are populated by specific majority class and racial types, who are best suited to deal with any specific type of nemesis.
    i.e. relics are tuned to node types and nodes are tunable by its constituents builds.

    Its easier to think of nodes as entities in their own right that players give life to.
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