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Rally the men and woman

AoC community its time! Gather you fingers and keyboards or phones which ever, anyways we march on to Steven to demand spells,art, and pets of the Summoner,Bard,Rogue,and fighter (maybe leave this one out...jk). We need to stand as one to get this info we are a amazing community and we love this game thats not even completed yet. But we need MORE we need something to look at and be F*** yea that amazing ty Steven and steveniods (his crew). 

We need to ban together and make the biggest forum yet not this one anyone can make or flood the Discord chat demanding this! We can succeed and hes watching our every move our every say...So lets let them hear us!


  • Procrastinators Unite.... Tomorrow!
  • I would rather they wait until they are finished or decided on art, spells, etc. before releasing to the community. Otherwise IS will be thrown under the bus because something doesn't look completed or polished...

    Does anybody have patience anymore?
  • its a forum i posted for fun doesn't matter if we had 10 people to 10,000 Steven isnt going to show or say anything. You know that I know that, look how i talked in the forum wasn't serious at all. But i will say this doesn't matter polished or not people like w/e they get from the unknown who truly care about a game.
  • I am sure alot more people  will join the forum nearer the releases.  no one will want to miss this game. This game will not only change MMORPG game but games in general. 

    Saying that for how early this game is we have a big following/community  and more coming everyday  not bad for a game when it 2 years togo
  • Karthos said:
    Procrastinators Unite.... Tomorrow!
    I might have to join in the day after tomorrow...

    Intrepid will release all the good stuff with time :) patience is the key!
  • but im having dinner now!
  • We will probably see a lot more once the official Alpha 1 starts, so I suggest people be patient about it :3
  • Karthos said:
    Procrastinators Unite.... Tomorrow!
    Am I late?
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited February 2018
    Karthos said:
    Procrastinators Unite.... Tomorrow!
    Let me check my calendar and get back with you on that . . .
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