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Rising from the Ashes, for Ashes. (Looking for Guild)

Name: Mike or Br0ken King(IGNs). My MMO character name is normally just Dup.

type of gameplay: I am interested in all aspects of the game. So PVX?

play style: Melee, Damage, Lone Wolf, Raider.

what class you may pick: Looking into going Roger/Ranger or Rogue/Mage

Server: NA Server

what you want from a guild: I'm interested in a guild that focuses on End Game content.

Any addition information: I have been playing MMOs since WoW: Burning Crusade. I've always been interested in end game content and having a huge amount of fun on my own with the potential for grouping for dungeons, pvp, arenas etc. Really looking forward to playing Ashes of Creation(Saw it at PAX) looking to rebuild myself within the MMO genre along with this game.


  • Hello! I am the guild leader for Arctic Empire! If you are in still need of a guild or just want a place with good people to hang out feel free to stop on by! Would love to have you! ^^ https://discord.gg/8cetJUR
  • Hey if you're interested in a great guild Vengeance is hardcore PvX guild with a focus on end game content. We've built one of the most active and dedicated communities around. Check us out on our website Vengeanceaoc.com or on our discord https://discord.gg/tnGHRSB
  • Sorry I have neglected the forums. I have found a home in Hands of Fate. Thank you for taking the time to post on my Looking for Guild post. I appreciate you guys actually taking the time to look at it.
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