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Spells / skills effects

Hey guys, i’ve Been looking at all the pre alpha footage and while I know and understand that this is still a work in progress and that animations, UI and spell/skill effects will likely see more passes, I just wanted to say that this is probably right now the thing that bothers me the most about the current state of the game.  (Again. I know.. it’s pre-alpha).  

The game workd and character models look really amazing. You can tell they’ve already put a lot of effort in world building. Ect..  but the moment combat happens, the game reminds me of an older mmo like World of Warcraft.  Just seems to me that the skill and spell effects don’t currently belong in this beautiful world.  They look like old school mmo particle effects.  Now I’m really hoping that this is all just place holder visual effects. 

I was looking at some spell effects from the Unity Engine the other day, and while I know the devs are using Unreal 4, these effects are more on par with what I’m hoping to see as a final product in Ashes of Creation.
Check it out.  While this might not be possible to have in an mmo, I definitely hope that they make the skill/spell effects more realistic and on par with the graphics used to craft the world and characters.


  • That video contains some really awesome effects!
    But, the whole time I was watching it I was thinking "I am going to have some violent seizures during sieges"
  • Haha. I know what you mean. I agree that effects shouldn’t be too flashy either. But they should still be nice. ;)
    This is mage spell effects from Bless Online. This actually looks really nice without being over the top flashy.  I hope to see something similar in AoC’s final product.
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    1. Gestures - There is a casting time in which the gestures differ for different spells. This enables adversaries to prepare and it should be to allow counter-play.
    2. Sparse - Effects are only as detailed as they need to be to enable differentiation from other effects. The typical problem with magic/effects is saturation where the screen is so filled with effects you cant see what's going on and GPU performance goes right down the pan. Also many effects are not thought out with differentiation in mind, making counter-play difficult if not impossible.
    3. Ear candy is just as important as Eye candy. Note the sound effects add another avenue of differentiation to allow identification and counter-play during the charging phase.

    Excellent video that should be a statement on what to do and more importantly what NOT to do with spells. Effect with one person on screen do not have the same GPU demands as 100 people on screen at once.
    We can only hope that Intrepid invests the same amount of time and effort into the animation Gestures and effect differentiation, while enabling counter-play being at the forefront of their minds.

    Thats some serious balls to juggle ;) ...I wish them luck.
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