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Playing AoC outside of region servers

Hello everyone,
Id like to discuss a little and maybe learn some new information about this topic.

Some background:
I usually play on NA servers despite being located in EU, for several reasons.

Ping could range from 150 to 400, up to the game servers and some other technical details.
For me, theres a certain latency Im willing to take since Im PvP focused.

Id be happy to know if this matter was ever discussed before (didnt find).

For the alpha testers out there - I understand theres a shared server for the testing? In that case, any EU based tester can maybe provide some more information about the latency? 
For example: skill activation, PvP vs another tester with same class and so on..

Information might help me and few other players to make the right decision!


  • Anything Alpha 0 related is under NDA for participants. Your option is to ask Intrepid directly via forums(already done), discord, or through their support tab on main site(don't see how it is a support issue). Any "EU based tester" would be breaking NDA if they provided you with such info at this point. Your best bet is to wait until they drop the NDA eventually and ask again, or just wait for Alpha 1 to start when it can be streamed by anyone. It isn't like you are going to miss out on anything really. Alpha 1 will not be up 24/7 according to info they have put out, so you could watch the first session or couple of sessions and make your decision then. Testing will be wiped at different points during phases, different builds will be given to people at different levels (for example, everyone at "cap" with highest tier gear given out to test sieges or raid content), and then reset back to 0.
  • I understand, thanks for the info :)
    Id still like to hear others who played mmo's outside their region and how was the latency for them.
    Ive only played 1 mmo so far and in none-mmo's I had almost no problems

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