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Please finish cooking my burger before delivering it to the table.

You go into a pop-up restaurant in your neighborhood that you heard about. You order the burger, fries, and coke combo. You pay for your order and you sit down and wait. The waiter comes over after awhile and plops down your burger on a paper plate. No fries and no coke. You look up at him and ask "What is this?"

"That is your order, I know the burger is only cooked on one-side, but we had to let the fry cook go halfway through his shift, so he never got around to flipping yours. We thought it was important to get it to you as soon as possible though."

"But I thought this was sponsored by Guy Fieri? Why are you having to lay off staff in the middle of a shift?"

"It turns out making burgers is more expensive and time consuming than we thought, so we blew through his investment pretty quick. But since we have started delivering these burgers to the tables we should have enough cash shortly to turn on the deep fryer and get your fries to you? Sorry, but we don't have ketchup."

"This is completely unacceptable, I can't eat a half-cooked burger. I might get sick. And why do you think you can charge me for this food and not deliver it? Where is the coke?"

"Oh, now that we have this new infusion of cash, we ordered the coke from the vendor, should be delivered tomorrow. We will give you a rain check and you can come back tomorrow and pick it up. Also we should have some new menu items available then that you could try. You shouldn't get upset, IGN and Yelp gave us 4 stars."

The above analogy shows exactly what is wrong with buying these indies that are billing themselves as AAA. As long as people keep buying the hype and accepting half-polished products and then raving about "If the mean head office/money guys had just given them more time to develop their product and work out all the problems, this game would be great!" you are going to keep getting served half-cooked burgers without the rest of your order.

This is not a slam on Intrepid. We have seen no indication of this behavior or even a whiff of things not being cooked enough. But every time the "community" rewards half-assed development like a No Man's Sky or Kingdom Come, there is another round of these people in the pipeline looking to cash in on Steam Early Access. So stop buying their burgers. You won't starve. 50 feet down the road there will be another restaurant with fully cooked food.

TL:DR Stop buying half-finished, buggy, pos games.


  • Was this...supposed to be funny?
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    edited February 2018
    "I freely admit though that I wish we had more time to polish the game before the release, that’s what AAA game deserves."
    "Bugs and performance issues aside, Kingdom Come is a seriously satisfying role-playing experience set in a rich, reactive world."

    I think the main thrust of the argument is, if they budgeted properly they would have had the funds to build the game properly and not release the game until it was fit for purpose.

    We had lots of unforeseen costs therefore we dont have the budget to finish the game.
    1. They were unforeseen because.....
    2. They werent unforeseen but we thought we would go ahead with an underfunded project that woudl be half finished anyway....
    3. We checked our funds and worked within our budget.
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