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Question about the Pax Alpha package

So back in september I purchased the LIMITED - PAX Exclusive Alpha Package($225) and haven't looked into the game a whole lot recently to be honest but IF I'm remembering correctly that grants access to Alpha 1? 

I saw the new updated site and the new purchase options. I got an email from ashes of creation a few weeks ago, it was a purchase order but everything was set at cost 0. It was for the Voyager preorder package. I'm assuming that what I purchased has been transferred over to this instead? But the Voyager package only has from Alpha 2 and I could have sworn What I got was access to Alpha 1.

Was I incorrect about what Alpha I had access to? Or do I have access to Alpha 1 and noe the rest of the voyager package? or was there a change and I lost access to Alpha 1?


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