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What type of epic moment would you like to see happen to you in AoC?

I don't know about you guys, but if I have to go down fighting in a siege battle, this is how I what it to go.

What are some of your epic moments you would love to see in game?


  • Giant turtle :)
  • Dragon rising from a mountain and leveling a metropolis!
  • I want to be the last defender left on my team keeping enemies from killing our ranged classes. :smiley:

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    I want to see Armageddon ensuing as and when 5 metropolis come to fruition.
    With numerous bosses that take 100+ players to take down with rare relics, support and quests across the whole map required, in tandem (a global community dungeon if you like).

    I want server life and server death to be held in the balance, with one wrong move, at the wrong time, tearing down the whole house of cards. I want everyone's decisions not only to matter, but be critical to our future. I want the ultimate sacrifice of a players character to not only be a thing, but have real meaning to the whole nodes continued existence.

    I want ashes to be on a par with the most immersive novel you have read and drag you into it in a virtual reality epic of our making.

    I know I ask too much. But damn I can dream until I write my own.
  • A siege with multiple forest leaders and node leaders attack it with multiple dragons and big forces of pvp players.
  • Successfully defending a node Me and other players helped developed!
  • Fighting some 'last boss' kind of enemy whose massive with the whole node and many players joining just to win :3
  • I like when an MMO first starts and everyone is running around at lvl 1 discovering a new world. Maybe not epic per se but it's a time I feel everyone's in synch sharing the same experience.
  • My favorite part of almost any RPG ever has been starting over.
  • Going 1 v 100 and winning ? :wink:
  • Ah see everyone else wants battle related epic, but to me, the beauty of a well laid plan coming to fruition is the most epic it can get.

    Weeks worth of gathering to build a keep.

    A large scale trade run.

    Stripping the server's power guild of her allies and leading them into a coalition against her.

    All beautiful.
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    I would love to see that first City node mobilization to destroy another city  arrive to find allied nodes that end the attempted conquest! That is when I will know we have a true in game community.
  • Server wide monster invasion of never before seen monsters that enter towns and all safe areas attacking players until they are repelled. No hints or warning as to when it is coming just an all out monster invasion, games don't do anything unexpected things anymore. 
  • i want to take downa city that is building near my city  
  • A siege battle or a nice home in a forest is the dream. 
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    I wanna see a yuuuuge dragon flyin' over a bay and then burning down hundreds of role playing fishermen below.

    Yuge, yuuuge fire, lots of burn!

    Me chillin' on a nearby cliff overlooking that bay, having a cold one.
  • Oh did I mention French? Ya french role playing fishermen will work.
  • getting a server wide message that I've crafted the legendary sword of Jeffery :)
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