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What to do with my Kickstarter Pledge

Hello, in Juli 2017 I created my AoC Account and I ordered my Warrior of Old Pledge.
Now I'm insecure If i have to do something now because of the different Add-Ons names and rewards. Is my Warror Of Old Pledge still up to date or what haveI to do?
Do I get all my rewards and do I get access to Alpha 2 and Beta 1 & 2 when they are released?
Do I get all the Pledge rewards like Items and play months?


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    edited March 2018
    nothing has changed with our pledge, you still get everything that was in the list when you purchased the package. so it's all ok, you don't have to do anything at all :smile:
    (other than wait for alpha 1 of course :disappointed:  )
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