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how many languages will be supported:?

I hope will not confuse what is written will be a little not correctly, maybe use translators to write the question/discussion.
I am interested in how many and what languages will be supported in the interface of the game, and especially in voice acting. I like the design of Guild Wars 2, but I'd love for example to see a native (in terms of language) interface (another problem is that in politics there is no game the ability to transfer and modify the game files - translation of the interface of the Amateur groups - in violation of their license agreement or whatever). Also I am interested in Your project and it will be supported Russian language (for me) and what else? What will happen with the voice acting for the dialogues and possible NPC bosses and so on.
Many games lose their atmosphere without the necessary and high-quality voice acting.
Dragon age was an example for me. 1 part of the game was translated and voiced perfectly, while in 2 parts scored on voice acting and translated only the interface, then lost all the atmosphere (do not take into account that the game has suffered a lot in terms of altered gameplay).
I'd love to bring it to the developers.
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