Key Drawing Winners! (new entries system) Week 46

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Announcing The Winners of our weekly key drawings !!






These awesome people all won access to the Alpha 0 testing phase.

Congratulations on the keys and thank you for registering to be a part of the Ashes of Creation community. The winners were selected from the Community utilizing the new entries system.

Want to win some keys for yourself? Don’t forget to sign up on the website so that you can be entered for the chance of a key next week!


Information Regarding Weekly Key Drawings

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  • UnknownSystemErrorUnknownSystemError Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congrats to all. Glad to see RNGesus finally got around to Noesparks.
  • DiuraDiura Moderator alpha-stress-tester

  • LifetreeLifetree Member alpha-stress-tester
    ......I'm still waiting for my turn to win.
  • LoyhetaLoyheta Member alpha-stress-tester
    Grats you lucky people
  • BeepBeep Member alpha-stress-tester
    Woot, Thanks so much for the early opportunity to play/test the game!!! :)
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  • TexasmattTexasmatt Member alpha-stress-tester
  • BeyaBeya Member
    Congrats to you all!!!!
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  • NightmareHeraldNightmareHerald Member alpha-stress-tester
  • Azrael007Azrael007 Member ✭✭
     😑 I am so happy for you guys! 😶
  • LykanLykan Member alpha-0-rank
  • CypherCypher Member
    Congrats to you lucky lucky winners =D
  • MelobaneMelobane Member
    Congrats! I hope all the winners post cool things they experience while playing the alpha.
  • T-ElfT-Elf Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congrats winners!

  • Sw684Sw684 Member ✭✭✭
    Nice one every one who have won 

  • RohkaiRohkai Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congratulations!! I hope that I can join you all in A0... if not, I'll see you in A1
  • NoeSparksNoeSparks Member Phoenix Initiate
    Good luck to everyone for the next key drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • PitsnowPitsnow Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congratulation to the lucky ones :)
  • SwiftsaddlerSwiftsaddler Member
    Grtz key winners!!
  • AssassinoAssassino Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congratulations to the winners, still waiting for my time! :smile:
  • AkamayuAkamayu Member
    Congratulations to all of you!!
  • JigoroKanoJigoroKano Member ✭✭✭
    congtrats :D i know one day ill see my Name on this list :3
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  • hakihaki Member ✭✭
    Cograts guys :)
    - Latest Ashes of Creation news.
    - Check all social network official news on 1 page (Youtube, Twitter and Facebook).
    - Check every official youtube video and some interesting videos from youtubers.

    (still testing, so i can be rdy when game is released).

  • StoodyStoody Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Congrats gentlemans and maybe some ladies. Enjoy and find out many bugs for us, becouse we want this game be great! :)
  • StoodyStoody Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Congrats gentlemans and maybe some ladies. Enjoy and find out many bugs for us, becouse we want this game be great! :)
  • ChronicBChronicB Member ✭✭✭
    CongaRats to the active winners .   Woot !!
  • BithnarBithnar Member alpha-0-rank

  • NarysNarys Member alpha-stress-tester
    Congrats to the winners!!!!!
  • BloodyHeartBloodyHeart Member
    Can I have the key if any winner don't claim/use the key, please? :wink:

    Raptr Gamercard
  • CatsmeawCatsmeaw Member alpha-stress-tester
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