The skills at PAX have only been a part of what we're getting. What abilities are you hoping for?

ParthuinParthuin Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
For a mage, I'm hoping for some lava or blizzards or some major earthquakes once you reach a higher level. Just having everyone peel and tank for you while you unleash havoc on enemies sounds sick. Kind of like Medivh in the WoW movie.   
What are you hoping for for your class?


  • ParthuinParthuin Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    I'm hoping for some lightning storms as well as lava and earthquakes. Electrifying a ton of enemies at once sounds awesome. Basically we need fire, water (or ice), ground, lightning, and air. So a tornado too.
  • NbdbrownNbdbrown Member
    Finally posative speculation about spells! :smiley:  im personally hoping thay the wildblade can being a fighter/summoner would be able to summon great roots from the ground to hold foes position allowing the warrior portion of the class to get in some decent meele damage, also maybe have thorn/return damage complimenting a possible in your face style whilst having potential to look awesome.  feel like these spells fit the wild summoner come fighter idea. I'm also hoping one of the summoner classes focuses more on transforming its self instead of actually summoning. And why couldn't that be the wild blade imagine turning into a great ent-like nature guardian or maybe even a wild centaur gaining speed and extra damage. I am honestly excited to see how all the classes turn out but the mystery of the "Wildblade" really gets me speculating.
  • AutumnLeafAutumnLeaf Member alpha-stress-tester
    For the mage class all I'm hoping to see are some really large scale spells, in most games mages just cast a elemntal ball of magic for most abilities, what I want to see is diversity when it comes to spells and their usage.
  • AimedAimed Member alpha-0-rank
    The most interesting part for me that I heard in early twitch videos is certain classes will have specific tools that allow them to get to places/loot with that one ability.
    I.E Mage blink to move through an obstacle.
  • OllinwenOllinwen Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    diversity in spell, yes. Combat scalabitity (accumulate mana for more effect for exemple).
    Many utility spell : weight reduction, stat increase, repair, illusion (self and other), levitation, water breathing, familiar invocation, matter creation or alteration. teleportation, gateway, invisibility, soul projection (to try to inspect a location... but beware to spirit). lore identification , see invisible, group version of many individual spell.
    The possibility to inbue a spell in an item, cost mana for a long time, to allow later use of the item (permanent or 1 charge or several depending on skill and mostly balance).
    the item effect must be inferior to the real one most of the time (except special skill). Else, people would go in the wild loaded with spell item, and leave the mage in town) :-)

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