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Usgrim's Journal

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edited March 2018 in Fan Stories
>>>Following the events of Dillia's Diary

For eighteen years, I have lived in Dunheim, forging, drinking, believing that it would be my home and pyre but I have been mistaken. 
My father was a politician. He petitioned for the quality of life changes, for all. We didn't always see eye to eye on somethings, but at least I can say he was there. He died a few months ago. Falling debris rammed his cart on our escape route and crushed his skull. 

As for my mother, she caught a mysterious illness a few weeks ago. In her will, she provided the interesting truth that she had been touched by a harbinger. The falling stones we encountered in Dunheim. 
I didn't have anything left or anyone left, so I sought out answers. I walked right into the capital arcadia of Dunthol to decipher the truth in my mothers will. I suppose I needed the entire truth to why this all happened to my family. I approached one of the high priests there and his expression changed at the reading of my mother's final words. 

Day after day for a week he had me partake in spiritual reflections and scientific experiments. One day we had a normal meal and then he threw a backpack at me, saying "It is time you knew the facts.  I would tell you myself, but it's best if your mother showed you." I would have said something about her being dead and all, but he already called a carriage to take me away. 
So, I hopped into the wagon confused and full of questions. "Ankil," he said as the driver heeded the horses. "Ankil is my name" he shouted from behind. His body becoming smaller with distance.  I was halfway tempted to toss him into the cart with me, but... the journey was mine. I don't have anything else going for me and the truth is with the dead, so... why not meet this head on?
I am now on my way to a Nikua village to meet with what they call a shaman. 

To be continued. ...


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