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Combo skills/abilities

So from how the game is (in its current state) there really doesn't seem to be a wide variety of abilities/skills for each class, and that's a little disappointing when the current combat system seems so slow. I understand that it's pre alpha, I understand a lot of things are placeholders, but I'm not sure how many abilities is intended to be included in each class.

Regardless of whether that number stays around its current value or increases as it gets more developed, I think this game could benefit from a "combo system" with the abilities.

For example, say that the mage has a fireball spell and a stone tomb spell (which would immobilize an opponent and prevent them from attacking, but significantly reduces the damage they take for a few seconds). Casting the stone tomb then a fireball on that target would cause a combo, creating a lava ball around the target which does extra damage but reduces the time the tomb traps the target. This provides some variety but also a drawback to the combo spell.

Going off of what already exists (somewhat) for the tank class, using that wall spell and some kind of lightning attack (this is all theoretical btw) it would not only knock them down like it normally would, but also slows them after they stand up.

Examples of these I think would create a much more diverse set of abilities and options for playstyles, especially when you consider the huge variety of character classes that will be available.


  • You will have something in the neighborhood of 8-10 active abilities you can spec into. Mix and match either tab target or more aimed action abilities depending on your style. You are correct in not knowing how many abilities they will end up with for choices. The speculation number being kicked around from those in the know is a pool of around 20-30 abilities per archetype to choose from. Each of those can be flavored with up to 4 abilities from the secondary class once unlocked. Not that you get to choose which 4 for each ability, those will be locked to keep certain game breaking combos from resulting. This is all just informed speculation and will change and evolve over the next year to fit what they envision. 
  • 20-30 abilities seems like plenty in my opinion, as long as they hammer out the more deep details in the combat system to allow for exciting gameplay with or without the use of all of them.

    Here's to hoping the "focus bar" style weapon attacks gets changed slightly, as I'm worried people will just create macros to accomplish that without any effort and gaining an advantage at the cost of gameplay fun.
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