[Mythic][NA/EU/OCE]PVX- Hardcore World/Server First Raiding Focus, Crafting/Economy, PvP, Active

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Mythic [Mythic] is a PvX NA/EU guild built from many different MMO games. We have formed Mythic to become a World First/Server First raiding guild. Our founders are veteran MMO players going back to the start of Everquest and Everquest 2, where we had world firsts and server firsts in Progression Raiding (In multiple guilds), Other Leadership have played DAoC, GW, WoW, and SWTOR all with high focus on endgame content and high level raiding. We’ve come together once again in anticipation of Ashes of Creation. 

Though the game is far from being released, we’re currently working toward building our ranks within the community to enter the launch as a formidable power. We strive to become a leading "Hardcore" guild in the Community of Ashes of Creation in Raiding, Crafting, Castle and Node Sieges, and Progression.

What we offer to our members:
• Focused & Experienced leadership 
• Organized guild divisions to handle crafting, Raiding, and PvP.
• Guild members have input/voice within Mythic.
• Guild Discord and forum.
• Community projects and instructional videos (Coming Soon).
• Opportunity for (future) leadership positions.

   Discord: https://discord.gg/F7QkSGx

A more detailed list of our long-term goals can be found in the Guild Charter. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to apply on our website: http://mythic-guild.com



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    I am the recruiting officer so feel free to DM me or Gundel if you have any questions.
  • Can say we have a great group of people already in Mythic, and are looking to expand and fully develop our roster. Any questions feel free to DM Zeke, or Myself. 
  • Active peeps ready for testing phases!  Get in now to get a great start to the best MMO ever (being) made (prove me wrong).
  • it feels like a great place to call home for the future of ashes.
  • Guild has an assortment of personalities that all seem to mesh and create a fun and active atmosphere.
  • Greetings, Hope everyone is having fun at Pax, and enjoyed some of the gameplay. Guild Is growing,and extremely active but always looking for the right members feel free to check out our Discord if you have questions!
  • Pax East Hype! A1 is announced for Q4 this year, we are and will continue to play another MMO as a guild until we get our hands on ashes. Come by our Discord and chat with us, and see if you want to play along side us.
  • Stoked for Bard. Hopefully they make it into A1a
  • Welcome, to any new Players joining us after Pax, Check us out, we have a very much active group of players excited about Ashes
  • I joined up pretty recently.  The group is super nice and inviting.  I can't wait to start playing the alpha with everyone!
  • Hi all. I am new here. Its nice to meet you all. I have a question: will this guild be a serious PVE guild, aiming to get world firsts (dungeons/raids)? I am looking for a guild that has a primary and very serious hardcore focus on PVE aiming to be the #1 on the server. Let me know!
  • Hi Darnis! Welcome to Ashes and to answer your question yes. Our number 1 priority is to establish ourselves as a world first/server first raiding guild. Many of our members including myself have been members of and achieved world/server firsts in many different mmos throughout the years. If you wish to see if you'd fit in go ahead and check us out via our discord link https://discord.gg/F7QkSGx and we can talk more there and if you like you can apply with us.
  • Just joined up not too long ago. Everybody in the guild is super friendly and very welcoming. Perfect environment from hardcore to casual vibes.
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    Everybody here is fairly flexible and super friendly! :) The discord can be really active, and it's always fun to hang around and chat with them. They play as a group in other games (league, dauntless, etc) when they're waiting for Ashes to come out.
  • working on that 4 am dead spot, Need more EU love, It will becoming shortly!
  • Very active guild, great late night talks and friendly members willing to improve upon anything they try to accomplish. Have yet to meet a toxic member and the recruitment process shows the dedication these players have coming from other MMOs and attempting to become the best they can be in AoC! Been in many guilds and i finally found the guild that shares all my interests and which reflects the definition of hardcore for the mature MMO community!
  • Guild Website is in the works with having a system in place for crafters out of the gate. Guild is growing nicely, Come check us out.
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    Checked them out on discord, they're pretty cool and pretty hard
  • So very hard...
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    Welcome to the new wave of Ashlings joining us after Peon's new video! Happy 4th and check out my youtube channel:
    The Phoenix Nest
  • sweet, fresh meat for the grinder :)
  • Its great group of hardcore players, everyone seems to be getting along, bonds are starting to be formed. If People are looking for a Hardcore Raiding guild In Ashes check us out.
  • This is a good group to talk Ashes with! 
  • Thanks Mr sinbad we <3 ya!
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    Welcome aboard!
  • If y'all are in Alpha 1 let me know and we can run some of the testing together for it :) 
  • For sure. Most of us are gonna be in A1. I'll be testing every class.
  • For sure. Most of us are gonna be in A1. I'll be testing every class.
    I wonder if they'll have each class in it yet xD    It may just be the 8 archetypes 
  • A1b will have all 8 archetypes supposedly.
  • A1b will have all 8 archetypes supposedly.
    Bro I can't wait to try them all xD    I really want to see how they are envisioning the Summoner and Bard
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