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[EU] Resist the Lunacy | PvX | Semi-hardcore | Discord

Resist the Lunacy is a friendly and welcoming semi-hardcore PvX guild with a relaxed atmosphere. We operate as semi-hardcore because we’re passionate about Ashes, but don’t want the guild to be so driven to win that it forgets the values of community and sportsmanship.

It’s important to us that our players feel like they are able to live up to their potential within the environment we’re fostering, and that our interaction with other guilds remains civil and friendly.

We are interested in dungeons, raids and other PvE experiences as well as structured sieges and wars. We all posess a competitive spirit and we want to unite around our shared love for the game and enjoy as much of its content as we can, while avoiding the frustration and anger which can result from being overly concerned with the leaderboard.

Our guild is very well organised and managed fairly by a team of dedicated and friendly officers. Decisions are made with input from the whole community; we want to ensure that when members raise requests, grievances or concerns, they are given a balanced, reasonable hearing.

In addition to the more traditional ranking system, we supplement our rankings with badges that recognise members for exceptional achievements and commendations.

Those within our membership are mature but lively. Our aim to recruit players who like to joke around and have fun, but are also able to conduct themselves appropriately depending on what each situation requires.

What do we offer?

  • Structure

  • Guild Events

  • Documented guild meetings

  • Fair leadership

  • An open, welcoming and engaged community

  • Badges for achievements

What do we expect?

  • (upon launch) 25+ hours/week of activity

  • Interest in both PvE and PvP

  • Mature mindset

  • A sense of humour!

Other games we play together:

If you have any questions, just send a PM on the forums or join our Discord server and get in touch.


Do you think you might have some trouble making ends meet regarding the activity requirement? Just PM me here on the forums or on Discord (Neismo#9146) and maybe we can find a solution.


  • After GL switch some things have changed in here regarding organisation and task management. Also were very active in Soulworker right now, if people are interested in that!
  • A great guild, looking forward to playing AoC with you guys and other games in the mean time!
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