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Is collision a thing still or has that been changed?

I hater heard from a friend that collision is/or was going to be a thing in this game. Meaning that if a group of people are standing in front of a mailbox you would in theory not be able to get by them. I am not sure if this has been talked about previously or not. I could see this being a nightmare in a 40 person world boss raid that is stacked with melee. You might be trying to doge and duck attacks or puddles on the ground but unable to move due to having to many players around you. I am looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts and ideas on this.


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    Intrepid are fully aware of the pros and cons.
    Shield walls are a thing. So is PvP combat.
    But we dont know what they have in store for getting into the bank and accessing quest givers and such.
    Hopefully some areas will be collision free where and if more appropriate (ie non-combat situations).
    Hell they could do conditional collision with a shield wall or volley skill that others could accept on the fly.
    /shrugs ....soonTM
  • Collision is still and will be an issue in the game. It has confirmed player and spell collision. The latest alpha 0 video of dungeon play has them stumbling over it while in the dungeon. What will collision bring us? Tactical placement. Zerg balls gone. No more shouts of "Everyone stack on the healers and spam your finisher!" Will there be issues as people adjust to a new style of play? Yes. Will they address the griefing potential of parking mounts on top of npcs or people blocking access to public areas like banks? Yes. Will there be workarounds to people using collision in unintended ways? Yes. So like everything else that you are seeing in a very open development process, do not Chicken Little or pearl clutch too much. Your concerns will be addressed by the time they become an issue. Unless of course you believe that they are going to look at easily identifiable issues and say "Fuck em, let em deal with it."

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    "Fuck em, let em deal with it." would not be the first time. But it depends on the devs and the game I guess.

    No more 100 people standing within the same radius of effect either.
  • I believe they said on a stream that they would have "soft" collision when out of combat, which might mean that you can push through someone at a slower pace or something.

    I really like that they have collision. The benefits in PvP are great, so many real life tactics are enabled and so much cheese is avoided. I remember it being one of the things that made large scale PvP in Warhammer online so good.
  • I love when you ask a simple question and point out its potential flaw no matter how soon it is in development and somebody assumes you are "chicken littling or Pearl clutching. I guess if you have a question or opinion that somebody does not agree with they feel the need to slam you. Ahhhh MMO communities some things never change.
  • I really like the tactical implications of collision detection. 
  • Ok unrelated to the post topic but i heard "banks" come up in the thread. Just want to ask will there be banks inside nodes where you can store items and money at a cost to prevent much loot from dropping upon your death?
  • Ok unrelated to the post topic but i heard "banks" come up in the thread. Just want to ask will there be banks inside nodes where you can store items and money at a cost to prevent much loot from dropping upon your death?
    Items do not drop unless you are corrupted. And currency never drops. Yes there will be storage in town and at freeholds. The only thing you "drop" is gathered resources, not all, but a percentage based on flagging state and level of corruption.
  • My concern would be collision in regards to summoned or pet NPCs. Will they just not have collision, will their AI be able to function properly around it, or will we just have a more detailed control system for our pets to manually get around collision issues .
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    You could just kill the pets too if they allow collision and are used for trolling. Pets are there for eye candy I would hope. Summoner class is the only one that would need collision for summons.
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