New player from Archeage with some questions

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Hi, recently saw this game and became very interested in it. It looked similar to Archeage and with the pledge to not have it P2W I've become interested in it. I have a few questions about it though.

1. For people who know Archeage, will I see similar stuff like crafting, fishing, farming level etc.?
2. Will solo housing be non-greifable so I can't lose my houses to other players perhaps wanting to take it?
3. How large does the map plan to be?
4. Will there be any character wipes at all if I were to buy a package?

Sorry if these may already be commonly answered or I get some things wrong.


  • I don't know how to answer question 1 because I didn't really play archeage past level 20 and I never touched its crafting system.
    2. There will be 2 different kinds of housing. Freeholds and in-city housing. Freeholds are plots of land that you can place down out in the world. You may only place one and it can only be in the area of a node that you are a citizen of. I believe you can't do it until the node hits level 3 because in-city housing is unlocked when a node hits level 3. There are a limited amount of in-city houses that can be purchased that are not instanced. When a node gets to a higher level it unlocks apartments that are instanced and are unlimited in number (I believe). The only time you can lose your housing is if the node you are in gets successfully sieged and the attackers attack your freehold/house. If that is the case, you do not lose anything in your house and the way you decorated it stays as a template for the next time you get a house.
    3. In an IGN interview Steven said the world will be roughly 30x the size of Skyrim.
    4. There will be frequent character wipes during testing and a character wipe right before launch. Nothing we do in alpha or beta will carry over to launch servers.
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    1. Very little info on crafting has been released other than "it will be great." The games main developer/owner is an Archage/Lineage 2 veteran, so most likely similar. You can expect in depth and varied crafting. One thing that has been mentioned is a tree/tier system that will have set points that can be allocated. People will NOT be able to master every craft or even multiple trees but either must specialize to master a single craft, or generalize at a lower level across many.
    2. Actually there are 3 types of housing that have been gone into some amount of depth. The freehold system can be placed from node level 3, and in-city node housing will first become available at level 3. The in-city housing is limited in number, first come, first serve, and levels as the node levels. At say level 4, more houses are added. The first houses become bigger/fancier and the newly added houses are what was at level 3. Going all the way up to level 6 metro, when those original houses are huge mansions in the city center. So those that invest in a node early will see fancier housing results.
    And finally at node level 4 the mayor will have the option of adding in-city instanced apartments similar to FFX14 the way they have been descibed. Those are unlimited in number. Once again, that is an option that the mayor must choose to build, they may have to give up another beneficial structure if they choose to do so.
    3. Zastro's answer.
    4. Zastro's answer.
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