Add on purchase cancelation and just swap

Hello, I had submitted a support ticket on Friday the 16th of this month concerning canceling an add-on purchase I had made a while ago. I was wondering how long that process could take considering I wanted to swap out the mule cosmetic for another that I would rather have from this months exclusive.

Situation: I had the basic KS and bought a mule add-on from the summer KS, but later upgraded to braver of worlds and just didn't want the extra mule skin from the summer KS. I just wanted to swap the mule with that bear as to not go through the whole refund process.

I know things don't happen over night, but just concerned about the time frame cause its towards the end of the month for the limited cosmetics.


  • For support tickets the process typically takes less than 1 week for a response. If time elapses past that point it is permissible to send a follow up inquiry via zendesk.
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