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I'm going Vendo Sunset

Greetings: I'm upgrading to leader of men fore sake of Nikua seafaring island peoples. This branch is part of that guild. In particular Nikua and Vek / Pyria. Cheers!


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    edited March 2018
    May I suggest. Nikua are not subferrior. Instead we are partners. Hence, a sub guild partnering with Vendo that both supplies its needs and has safe haven both ways. I am Nikua, I am strong, I am an Islander that loves family. Vendo rising. Wait ... There's and amphi-dragon on the waters? 
  • Oh Skategories, you are the best
  • Skooterussel you kill me man, always good for chuckle!
  • Glad to make you laugh. Be safe.
  • What about our guild we were forming called <Dingus Brigade>

    You sounded super excited to form it and be crowded King Dingus!!
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