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Hello! I am very new to posting on the forums. However, I am not new to MMORPGs. I have played several MMOs such as  (City of Heros/City of Villains/WoW/Archeage/lineage/Guildwars etc.) I could probably make a list of at least 2 pages of the MMORPG I played.  

I do have a question?  I have been trying to stay up to date with Ashes since it gives me hope that it might be an MMORPG worth getting into again.  I am more of a PVP fan then PVE, however, I do love PVEing and doing dungeons and so on.  So my question and concern are how is the PVE storyline?  I loved Star wars Old Republic interactive storyline. It was one of the few MMORPGs that I actually enjoyed the storyline and understood the character history progression.  

Does Ashes have an in-depth storyline or a master quest line? Can someone please provide some concept of how the storyline will go are a link I can read up on.  Thank you so much for your time! I am super excited for Ashes and I already purchased the 65 dollar package.  


  • We have little on the lore of ashes other than you will discover in the blogs section of the main site.
    There is no fixed storyline as content is unlocked depending on node progression and I assume node type/area.
    Thus every server will tell its own unique story depending on the actions of its player base.
    Each server accommodates around 10,000 players and is filled with individually progress-able nodes of different types.
  • There is however an overarching storyline that will send you to various static locations in the world that is not dependent on node progression. There are many other questlines planned that only appear during certain node types reaching certain levels, but those will be separate from the "main" storyline. While pvp will be a force for change in the world and be something that is constantly available, there will also be plenty of other types of quests and horizontal progression to deal with.
  • Thus far, the developer Steven have stated that he does not want to reveal too much of the lore and storyline, since it is something he thinks we should experience ourselves. I would suggest checking their blogposts for more info

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