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Pre-Order Rewards

I'm a bit confused about what the difference between kickstarter and pre-order. I saw that the kickstarter rewards were slightly different from the pre-order rewards despite costing the same amount. Does this mean they are two different things and I'm no longer able to get a "Spectral Charger" mount and "Shadow Dragon" pet? Or are the rewards listed going to be added to what I pre-order at launch?

Even if rewards are no longer obtainable through pre-ordering, will they be available through the Cash Shop when the game launches? Sorry in advance if these have already been covered, I'm trying to figure out if I need to buy specific things to get the rewards I want. 


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    Kickstarter was a backing period back in may 2017, most of the cosmetic item's listed were exclusive for either Kickstarter or the Summer backing period. Pre-Order packages are different to thoose from the kickstarter cosmetic's are changed on a monthly basis and are exclusive to that month. and these exclusive item's will not be seen in the cash shop on launch
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    Drats, thanks for explaining the difference between the two. 
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    Sathic said:
    Drats, thanks for explaining the difference between the two. 
    np, happy to help
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