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Questions about gameplay and beta

Hi i had 2 questions, first of all if i support the gofundmepage and get to play in beta do my items / progress convert to the released version?
Second of all if i was interested in starting my own secret guild is that something i could do and level to the max in some hidden location? im not too familiar with this whole Node concept and im quite confused if i could just try and level up and grow my own organisation somewhere we people cant really find me. 
would be great if someone knew the answers to these questions :3


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    Umm..there is no gofundme page. If you found something like that on the internet it is a scam. The official site is https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ . The four packages ranging in cost from $500 to $75 dollars give access to 4 different testing stages. We are currently in Alpha 0, which is invite only after winning a key. Good news is that just by signing up to this site you are entered in the drawings for free. Alpha 1 which will be earliest paid access is schedule for sometime later this year. No set date has been given. Followed by Alpha 2, Beta 1, and Beta 2 before launch. Those are what you can buy for access to testing. You get no benefit beyond helping test the game.(all the cosmetics, sub time, and other goodies in the packages will apply to live) All testing servers will be wiped for live launch, and regional servers for live will open.

    While you could create some secret guild and squirrel yourself away in some unexplored corner of the map (estimated 30X size of Skyrim for reference) most likely people would stumble across you eventually. If you are looking for more information on how everything is coming together I recommend aocwiki.net to start. There are many other wikis.
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  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1791529601/ashes-of-creation-new-mmorpg-by-intrepid-studios/comments?cursor=16771394 this is their gofund me right? it has 3.000.000 backins so i thought this would be the legit one? correct me if im wrong, thanks for the quick response tho! and for the info ill check the wikis out
  • That was a limited time Kickstarter backing from last year. It is no longer available. The only packages that give access currently are on the site link above.
  • Any player can solo away from the rest of us, but isolating completely and being in a one person guild is going to handicap your play and your character to the point of not realizing the true experience. 
  • If you try to isolate yourself.. I WILL find you :naughty:
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