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Yo Gang! Very hopeful in what I am seeing.

Hi all, long time gamer here finally joining the Ashes community.  I spent the past week catching up on all the released media and I have to say it is looking and feeling good.  My initial knee-jerk reaction when I took a peak at this game last year was oh boy, its going to be PvP centric.  Now that I have taken a second look, I can see that the Team is really working hard at being an inclusive community for all types of gamers.  That is a tremendously good thing in my eyes, because I think balance in play style is what it will take to make MMO's great again.  

Like Stephen has stated, we all yearn to experience our first love again... mine was SWG in 2003.  Sandbox has always been my preferred environment, but the cons created by hardware limitations made sense why game devs took it into another direction.  I am happy to see it being attempted again and I have high hopes that todays hardware and game engines can allow Open World Massive gameplay to actually happen without the performance setbacks. 

So a little about myself - at first I was an MMO addict, logging all free time available into my virtual worlds.  As I began to learn about mechanics I started looking into how companies were developing their games and really got into testing games for about 2.5 - 4 years.
  As a stay at home mom, I logged way too many hours to even mention but I have to say it was not all for nothing.  I developed IT related skills, and naturally developed leadership roles in every game I played without intending to do so.  Before Twitch and YouTube, I taught myself how to Frap and was one of the early gamers producing gaming video back in the early 2000's.  Eventually, life has a way of changing priorities and your dedications. I got disenchanted with gaming and weaned myself off of my addiction by swapping games frequently and keeping myself more on a loner status only gaming with a few close friends made in other games or through testing communities. 
2009 I dropped MMO gaming completely and did not return until 2011 when SWG was getting ready to sunset.  Both my husband and I returned for nostalgic reasons, made great new friends as old vets and celebrated all the good and bad about the game that started it all for us.  All the while, I always checked out what was on the horizon, but nothing ever grabbed me back in for longer than a few months here and there.  In 2015-16 the same nostalgic feelings crept up on me for EQ2.  I returned and it took about a full 8 months to catch up and relearn everything I had missed out on the past 8 years.  Went back to raiding and became one of the top players in my class on our server.  
  My biggest problem was always finding the balance of hardcore vs casual play style.  Part of me wants to be the best and the first but now a days I am just looking to have the most fun with people I enjoy being around.  Would it not be great to accomplish both?  

Like I said in my title, I like what I am seeing here.  I think it is quite possible that this game can accomplish some sense of balance for many gamer types.  Looking forward to seeing how Ashes develops, I will likely be joining Alpha2 or beta stages.  


  • Welcome to the Ashes community and the forums specifically. I hope you enjoy the shenanigans and stay for awhile.
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