Player Hosted Events - Limited GM tools?

I have seen similar topics posted but not exactly what I was looking for.   Since Ashes is focusing back on community involvement, is there any development for a Limited GM tool for regular players?

Now before anyone flames the idea, let me explain what I am referring to.  Many games have achievements or badges of some sort, that is not disputed.  Some games provide additional "trophies" as home items, player made city rewards or as costume/appearance gear.  However, from my experience, all games have individual player "helpers" that like to get involved in community driven events that are virtually an untapped resource for content. 

Unlike player guides hosting developer scripted events, there is no reward for being a Player Event host.  Some do it to commemorate real life events, some do it just to engage community involvement and some use it as a recruiting tool.   As an example you may have seen someone on your server hosting a Scavenger Hunt, PvP Duel Contests or a Race somewhere within the game world.  Many times rewards were just for a non-bound rare item/consumable or just notoriety in world chat.    Without GM involvement or tools, this could be a very difficult endeavor to pull off.  

How difficult would it be to provide a limited GM type tool that could create:
  • custom achievement badge or item reward
  • Limited Quest dialog
  • Temporary NPC's for updating quests and presenting the reward  

Some of my fondest memories are those type of events.  Since it has been said that GM's will be involved in Server communities for Events I am wondering if there has been any thought to creating something that would allow Players to also get involved?  

Thankfully for you, my hubs just walked in with Cadbury eggs so I am going to stop it here so I can enjoy my seasonal goody.  Otherwise I'd just continue this wall of text and tossing of spaghetti on the wall.  


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    The spaghetti stuck so it must be time to digest the concept. With Guild halls, and guild alliances that will dominate some nodes, generating content this way feels like a no brainer evolution. I'm expecting a guild hall task board that would work with these ideas. I do feel that guild titles (like the old rankings) that can be displayed like old like game achievement titles would work well for this as well as many other activities.
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    The game already has some functionality for players to offer quests via the node system, iirc.
  • Nice idea but just like stated previously I'm pretty sure there are plans for player made quests so events will probably be possible too :3
  • Namai said:
    The game already has some functionality for players to offer quests via the node system, iirc.
    I'll keep looking, but have not seen anything on this yet said officially.   The other thing is, are they canned quests or custom quests?  Lots of games allow for canned type quests to say restock resource coffers and status/kill type quests but nothing that is uniquely created by a player.   

    @Fysiks I would hope so too.  I recall in Early SWG days, our guild had a town called Neo Rome.  We had won a GM driven Event for a player city ATST statue.    It was a unique reward awarded to a player city who achieved the most points in a massive faction based battle involving PVP and PvE components.   Those were fantastic, but they were few and far between and frankly our Alliance steam rolled all the competition.  During those days, GM's would create unique badges and rewards for player run events if properly planned and they were available to do so.  Eventually GM's went way of the DoDo bird, but it surely was fun while it lasted.  Random Krayt Dragon in a star port anyone?  

    With todays tech, there are systems out there that facilitate player run questing and rewards to a certain extent.  Some games have player driven design studios to create in game items.  We can also place Macro enabled static NPC/mannequins in some games so I am just wondering if some sort of limited tool could facilitate it all to make running player events more seamless without direct GM assistance.  They will be running plenty of their own events and supporting the game in a general way.    Perhaps maybe as an update later down the road.     

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    NO to any kind of GM powers for players (not even limited / cosmetic ones). Ty.

    Just no.
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