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Small boats on Rivers and lakes?

I am hoping this is a thing. fishing and rowing or sailing down a river. Why or why not?


  • I want river boats to make a casino.
  • Like a little canoe carved out of a log floating down a back canal? It would definitely make for some interesting tactical advantages ambushing a rival guild or a perhaps somebody you are trying to collect an bounty on.
  • Especially if the game has some rivers with rapids, a small boat would be great.
  • Given all the features that IS have introduced so far it would be weird if there were no boats and stuff :3
  • That would be really great I believe.
    Like it would make sense to have different boats/ships for different waters. It wouldn't really make much sense that if you own a sail ship that you could use it on all water, like in a river or a smaller lake.  
  • I really hope so, was nothing better in ArcheAge than just fishing on your clipper in a large pond near the housing area.
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