How will classes play out their roles?

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I haven't played many rpgs but when it comes to classes there's usually something like 4 (Warrior, Mage, Rouge, Healer). With 16 classes and roles like the bard, they're completely new and that's amazing. It's just that everyone knows the warrior for melee fighting, the mage for fireballs and stuff, the rouge for being sneaky I guess, and the healer for healing. I can guess that the summoner will summon things and the ranger will shoot things, but what about the other base classes?


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    There are actually 64 different combinations. 8 base archetypes that can be modified by modifying them again later in your development by slapping one of the 8 base archetypes on as a "flavor". While the secondary "class" doesn't give you all the abilities of that archetype, it does let you modify your base archetypes abilities. Many of the base archetypes are predicted to play similarly but with small differences. They are going with the tried and true mmo standard of tank, dps, and heals, but with the added twist of support classes like the bard. Support classes do just that, support. By adding buffs or modifying situations, not strong in any one area, jack of all trades thing.

    Also you might want to go back and edit your title line to roles, not rolls. You are just inviting joke posts about dinner rolls and bread rolls.
  • With dice, that's how.
  • As always with Ashes, we really will need to see how augments affect base abilities.
    Rangers should be good at ranged combat, sure, but we should also expect them to be great at tracking. Will augments from the secondary archetypes allow players to specialize at whatever is they track best??
  • Carefully.
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