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I would like to say that, this game would be more immersive and fun if the questing system or anything you do here in general, is hard and "worth it". by that i mean, when going on quest i wish that there would be some harder than others, that takes the average party or solo player a good amount of time to complete, not like those kinds of missions where you kill 3 wolves and that's it, gather flowers, do this do that. the kind of quest that are going to be the most fun are those that makes you work hard but doable and at the end worth it, and i am quite annoyed by repetitive missions (who isn't) i would hope that every thing you do in the game would have interesting points to it that does not make it repetitive. many good aspect of questing is things that are long to complete but does it so that the player wants more and never gets board of it.


  • I hear you @KenRichie! The devs are also on this wavelength too...
    What can we expect from questing in your game will it be your standard kill and collect quests or will it be more complex quests with multiple different stages for a single quests well it will you be going for quality or quantity when it comes to the questing?
    So that is the answer that is yes we're breaking we're breaking things down a little bit right we I personally if there's this thing that happens in MMOs it doesn't happen in any other type of game right where I always hear from people hey Jeff you know I love your quests but I never read them and and it makes me sad inside and I always cry a little bit but it happens everywhere and so one of the things is like why why is that the case why do people do that a lot of it is just because there's so much filler in MMO quests
    There's so many stories that get told that don't have any consequences that don't mean anything they're just kind of contextual things that give you a reason for why you're gonna go kill those five wolves so I decided to take those out of the equation right I'm gonna take those out I'm gonna put them into what we call tasks which are kind of node based kind of low narrative things that you're going to do that will help you in your normal day-to-day sessions the narratives the narrative quests which are going to be where the main story is told are going to be those big complex kind of places where you can kind of actually play an interesting game and rather than just kind of doing the same thing over and over again so I want anything that relates to the main story to be something really interesting to play and read through and to have as little fluff and and just just filler as possible

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    The trick is going to be time management.
    If you log in and find you have to do 2 hours of menial tasks before you can do anything else.....you havent really solved anything. Just wrapped it up in a different box.

    It would be good if such menial tasks could actually be fulfilled while engaged upon the more enjoyable aspects of everyday unique adventures.
    Opportunist menial tasks kind of thing.

    But at the end of the day node/gear maintenance is part of the game. Maybe even a big part of it. So those monotonous fetch quest are pretty much essential for the game to function and someone has to do them.

    The citizen system does enable anyone to fulfil the node requirement. So people might be able to fetch in bulk leaving others to get on with stuff. Which I gather is the point behind the gatherer type and the harvesters.
  • More important to me that the quests and tasks are interesting and meaningful - I really couldn't care less about difficulty.
    I play MMORPGs for the roleplaying - not for the game.
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