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Secret Dungeons ?

As we saw in the Trailer Dragons can arrive and attac nodes and Players so now is my question will there be something like secret dungeons that you cant find on the Map or that you just can see when the area earned enought xp ? 

The next quetion is would you like this ? i think i defenetly would !!!


  • The dragon that attacks the node was an event triggered due to node development so who knows maybe dungeons will spawn depending on what happens around the world of the game.

    I definately would like hidden dungeons but once you find it, it will no longer be hidden so maybe a hidden dungeon which has it's entrance changed ever so often :3
  • I'm sure we will see plenty of different dungeons all depending on which nodes develop, again each server will vary.
  • I think that would be neat to have a dungeon that jumps around the map, tho I am sure it could get pretty frustrating spending a day looking for it just to have it move again XD
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    Content will be enabled and disabled by seasons, node progression and main storyline.
  • I just thought it would be a nice way to stop Things like when your lvl 20 you run this dungeon until 30 then this until 40 also i imagine like when the area (for examble) got 100 xp the first dungeon opens until the area reached 300 xp then the dungeon is closed and the next one opens until we hit the next mark then maybe the 1 dungeon opens again but as a lvl 2 dungeon (still there should be perma dungeons to lvl up) 
  • Content will be enabled and disabled by seasons, node progression and main storyline.
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