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Guild War / Challenge Page

Greetings. I would love to see a Guild Challenge page. Although abiding by rules of this forum, it allows us to see leaders and individuals slights. Hence, if some are emboldened to be philosophical zerks, others can be forewarned and burn them down (I would say wear them down). In my opinion, we are seeing a prelude of guild character. There's nothing wrong with a zerk guild. Cheers! Skafftaruss.  


  • Zerg*

    I honestly love all of your threads and posts, keep up the great work, Skrappydoo!
  • Xombie said:

    I honestly love all of your threads and posts, keep up the great work, Skrappydoo!
    The 'Z' could have been a typo, it could have been a 'J'.
  • Because J and Z are so close to one another :trollface:
  • Great posts, I learned more vocabulary from this than in my english class....
  • I like the way you leave jerk and zerg open to interpretation and the readers imagination.
  • An open invite to be ridiculed or 'tested' doesn't seem like the most smooth move one could make to find out what you want.

    I am sure the guild leaders have identified themselves in their guild's thread and have made plenty of post. Perhaps reading through those threads would be a more covert way of finding what you are looking for.

    The 'zerk' zerg-jerk comments probably didn't make the thought of announcing yourself as a guild leader in this thread promising.

    Also no fast travel/teleportation, so hopefully no zerg at all (one can wish).
  • This guy creates some if the beat threads, I can't get enough.
  • Skeetshoot, I challenge you!

  • Skittlesaurus, Mutiny formally challenges you and your Vendo sister guild :trollface:
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