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Titles that you want in the game!

Ok so i would like to know what sort of titles you want and how you would like to get them.
Maybe @Intrepid will take a few of the ideas and put them into the game.

For example:
Do a dungeon 3 times never get any loot!
Title Reward: Lord of salt

Lets see some ideas!


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    Titles for events, and how high you ranked in that event. Can be world pve or pvp event, seasonal.

    PvP titles in general, for maybe total kills something like bloodthirsty in wow.

    Titles for rare/raid bosses.

    Maybe once in a lifetime titles for people who unlocked the first divine this or that.

    Could go on. But in general i like titles where you have to grind/work for.

    Titles for the first victory in the great node war or whatever xD

  • Kill 100 players without dying a single time > Demon Lord
    Be chosen as major of a level 6 node 3 times in a row > Monarch
    Be the first person to complete a dungeon on the server > First Explorer

    Something like this I guess :3
  • Still want to know how the bitterness of a lemon became salty tears.

    Seriously though, I wouldnt know where to begin as I would expect 100s.
    So I will just perv the thread instead... if you dont mind.
  • Undying.
  • Find the golden sandal!
    Title: The chosen :P
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    Title The Bringer Of Death
    PVP achievement  for killing like 100 players in combat
    For pve just have the title relate to the boss/or pve content name in some form of pun or something along those lines

  • King of Destruction - Win 5 sieges in a row. 
  • Circulation titles would be funny to see, haven't had the experience to search & kill for a title that you're essentially going to lose next time you die.

    One game i played had this title system. There was fixed amount of unique titles circulating in the game that were gained/lost by next:
    Gain title: Kill the Player/Monster/NPC that currently has it.
    Lose title: 1. Die to other Player, NPC or monster.
    2. Be more than 2 days offline with the title (transfers to random monster/NPC in non-instanced area)
    (with exceptation of dying in instanced dungeon, lose the title completely and it transforms to a random NPC/monster in non-instanced area)
    Also a list to keep track of Players who have had that title for the longest time & current title holder.
  • Titles from religion like, priest. great priest, pope
    From nodes (its confirmed)
    Leveling your job as blacksmith you get - novice/apprentice/adept/expert/master master of blacksmith. 
    @AutumnLeaf  idea. (with more pvp titles)
  • Pirate



    Stranger Danger
  • Grand Poobah.
  • Chicken Kicker
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