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PAX East announcement from Steven on Discord

Glorious Ashes Community, Only 7 days remain until the studios is live from PAX East in Boston. We will be allowing players to experience Alpha Zero in guided tours across different dungeons in the world. Additionally, we will be streaming LIVE from our booth on the main floor, from 11am EST - 4pm EST, each day of the event (April 5th-8th). We will also have a panel, in the dragonfly theater on Friday, and streaming that panel LIVE at 10:30am - 11:30am EST. The team has been hard at work building Ashes and working to get Alpha 1 ready for everyone. Cannot wait to see the fans at PAX next week! Much love to you all <3



Thursday:  April 5th - 11AM EST - 4PM EST
Friday:       April 6th - 10:30AM EST - 11:30AM EST (PAX PANEL)
Friday:       April 6th 1PM EST - 4PM EST
Saturday:  April 7th 11AM EST - 4PM EST
Sunday:    April 8th 11AM EST - 3PM EST


The PAX east Livestream has started!

Check out the first hour here:


  • Nice!
  • I'm curious if the booth will look the same as during PAX West, or if they have a new one :love:
  • A shame I can't go :cry:
  • That location ... outside and between Nintendo and Bandai even spare walkbuys.   get the samurai crowd from bandai and the young gamer from nintendo
  • UPDATE from

    If you're heading to PAX East next weekend, you'll be able to stop by the Intrepid Studios booth to see what's new in the pre-alpha build of Ashes of Creation. In addition, developers will be on hand on Friday, April 6th from 10:30-11:30 Eastern to talk about how they've gone about creating a massive game world and what the next steps are. Fans will be able to ask their burning questions and maybe even score some swage and alpha zero keys.

    Panelists for the event include Steven Sharif, CEO / Creative Director, Jeffrey Bard, Lead Designer, Akil Hooper, Lead Technical Designer, Michael Bacon, Lead Environment Artist, Mat Broome, Lead Character Artist.

    Our goal is to meet you, the fans! PAX is all about making sure fans get to see their favorite games and we aim to set that goal with lots of playable stations for time to check out our latest content..

    So join us at one of the biggest game shows in the world!

    Learn more about the panel in the Ashes of Creation PAX East panel description.

  • I love that you are 2 booths away from
  • AoC please come to PAX Australia,  i think the team needs a holiday down under this year, wink wink,  plus I'll buy you a round of beer 🍻 
  • Wow wish I could go.  Would be some exciting stuff
  • I hope we get a nice announcement as last time :hushed: Bear McCreary will do an awesome work.
  • well i guess all our burning questions will be seen at this next pax on the 6th .  are you running new simulations  or the same 2 from the old pax. really waiting on any type of update ^_^
  • Stream times~Pop them in your calendars! 

    Thursday:  April 5th - 11AM EST - 4PM EST
    Friday:      April 6th - 10:30AM EST - 11:30AM EST (PAX PANEL)
    Friday:      April 6th 1PM EST - 4PM EST
    Saturday:  April 7th 11AM EST - 4PM EST
    Sunday:    April 8th 11AM EST - 3PM EST
  • Cant wait, thought I had access through pledger of "Brave Worlds" as advertised Earliest access to Ashes but that was phase 1 not 0! oh well cant wait! Good luck at PAX hope all the tech works and dont have to do a microsoft and reboot/fix things!
  • Are you going to be signing Funko Pop figures?
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    Have fun and show us a lot guys!
  • PAX East Expo Hall (large HD)

  • That's a good spot.
  • Have a great showing guys, wish I was there.
  • This is great =D. Sux that im missing out on being there. But thankfully we get live streams! Woot!
  • The PAX east Livestream has started!

    Check out the first hour here:
  • Check out the Stream guys :mrgreen:
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