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Question about Kickstarter upgrade

I am currently a Founder for the Kickstarter pledges. I got the Pioneer pack during the original Kickstarter, then upgraded to Founder during the summer campaign. My question is, will upgrading my pack to Braver of Worlds grant me the lifetime subscription, or is too late for it? And will upgrading grant me any of the higher tier summer rewards, or are those completely separate and I would only get the original Kickstarter rewards? Sorry if it has been answered before, and thanks in advance.


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    edited April 2018
    If your a kickstarter backer and your upgrading to Braver of Worlds you will get the lifetime sub and the associated kickstarter items/rewards,
    to gain the summer items you will need to purchase them separately as addons. as you will only get the original kickstarter items.
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    Shunex is correct =)
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