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Information Regarding Weekly Key Drawings

Ashes of Creation Weekly Drawings - How do they work?

There have been a few people wondering how the weekly drawings work, and how to win a key so hopefully, this answer’s some of the questions you may have.

New Entries System Drawings

Drawings for the next Alpha Zero test will begin again and include the new entry system debuted with the Pre-Order store.
  • All website account holders get one entry into each weekly draw.
  • All Kickstarter and Summer backers automatically receive 15 additional entries into each weekly drawing.
Current Store Packages also receive bonus entries into the drawings these packages can be found at
  • Wayfarer Pre-Order Pack - 4 entries
  • Expeditionary Pre-Order Pack - 6 entries
  • Voyager Pre-Order Pack - 8 entries
  • Intrepid Pre-Order Pack - 10 entries


There may also be competitions such as the Meme contest in place of the normal weekly raffle or extra event's such as the Halloween holiday competitions key giveaways during official live-stream events. For the live stream event's there will be a keyword that you enter to be in the draw, this keyword will be announced in chat by intrepid studios. 

On Monday, April 2, 2018, 8:15:30 PM EDT, Intrepid Studios

This week, the Intrepid Studios team will be headed to Boston, for PAX East 2018! During the show, from April 5th to April 8th, we will be raffling out 300 Alpha Zero Keys to our community! As you know, Alpha Zero is our Pre-Alpha testing phase that will help prepare Ashes for our Alpha One release.

The Team and our 1200 Alpha Zero testers have been hard at work on the road to Alpha One. We cannot express enough, just how grateful we are for your enthusiasm and support. It means everything to us <3

We will also be streaming everyday from PAX, as well as holding an Ashes of Creation Panel on the development of our Most Anticipated MMORPG.

Want to help us test Alpha Zero?

We are introducing a new opportunity for our Glorious Ashes Community to gain additional entries into our Alpha Zero raffles! From this point forward, all social media followers will gain added entries into our raffles.

For each social media account you subscribe or follow, you will gain an additional chance to help us test our Pre-Alpha builds! All you need to do is subscribe or follow our official YouTube , Twitch , Twitter or Facebook .

What is the difference between the weekly drawing keys and the Kickstarter keys?

 By winning a key in the weekly drawings/ competition’s you gain access to the Alpha 0 and Beta 0 testing periods (depending on what key you won) These testing periods will be by invite only and will be under an NDA. winners of these exclusive keys will be notified via email, and the results posted on the forums and on social media. (access to these tests will not be purchasable) However, the Kick-starter campaign and the Summer Backing Store has packages available with access to phase 1&2 alpha tests and phase 1&2 beta tests. These tests are only accessible for purchase through supporting Ashes in the Kick starter event. 

When Is Alpha 0?

The Alpha 0 test's commenced on the 15th of December 2017

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