Key winners contacted through social media they won key at

Hey, Team I just was watching the PAX east live stream and actually won an ALPHA 0 key with my twitch account Lillucky173. Was wondering how you were going to follow up since it seems Twitch is having an issue with there messages. Error below.

"Messages are being deprecated! Starting March 30th, your inbox will remain available in a read-only state. You won't be able to send or receive new messages. On April 30th, you will be able to download your existing messaging history, but not read messages."

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    Once PAX wraps up, they will send out NDA emails to all winners. After signing they will direct you to me to do the perms and access. 

    In regards to Twitch changing their msg policy, that is an interesting variable we did not account for. I am going to run this by the team to see if we can find a quick solution.


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