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Pax Panel - Dungeon - Heart of Chaos

So during the panel they mentioned something about dungeons being unique and having their own history and a bunch of cool stuff i can't recall. One thing that stood out to me was the part where they showed a clip of fighting sorrows hunger while someone mentioned the beating crystal heart in the background and the curiosity that comes with it.

  So just got me thinking and i felt like sharing. So that thing is called the heart of chaos and is a remnant of the calamity that befell the world of Verra. The Heart will be an important part of the story of the zones that it will be a part of. The Heart will have different negative effects and a possible zone or maybe a server sized quest will be the siege of the heart of chaos. A siege vs AI monsters would be interesting and failing to band together to siege the heart could result in a catastrophe like maybe reducing every node in the region to lv0?

idk just theory crafting. Please share your thoughts


  • I actually thought about it this way myself. Just speculation, but from the lore we have been given so far it seems that something (a harbinger) landed on Verra and caused the calamity.

    This is just speculation, but what if these were eggs of some kind that burrowed into the planet and spawned the monsters that ended up destroying the overworld?
  • Theres pretty much tons of bad things i can think of but won't say anything since i believe theres a decent possibility that we can guess this right. But yeah an egg or heart of evil is along the lines of what im thinking
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