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How to Deal with the Epidemic that is Gold Farmers



  • It is true that monitoring has its own challenges and no one wants wrong bans. Money transaction is not the only tool for monitoring, because they can use chat logs, friend & guild member lists, account status as support. So if someone makes odd transaction it just gives devs a hint to investigate that more. 
  • They can certainly log everything and run some pretty sophisticated algorithms to detect aberrant transaction behaviors. Gold sellers are presumably botting as well, so methods of detection for that behavior are also useful. I wonder though if it is possible to go overboard with active detection measures such that there is an impact on server performance. It probably behooves the team in any case to further consider innovative passive measures that have no computational overhead.

    ESO has an interesting limitation that doesn't really hurt regular players but could be highly disruptive for gold traders: a time-based restriction on character deletions. You can't just reroll all your characters right away. Instead, you earn a character deletion every 24 hours. It was initially implemented to prevent an exploit where players were using throw-away alts to duplicate quest rewards, but it had the serendipitous side-effect of essentially ending in-game gold seller chat spam.
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