Hey all,

I've been on the discord for I think two weeks now and have recently started trying to be more active on the forums so I just thought I'd make my own introduction post, lol.

Been playing MMORPG's since one of my family friends showed me his lvl 12 Orc Warrior in BC WoW, and I got hooked. Played WoW on and off never reaching level cap, but still enjoyed the quests and battlegrounds and lore and just the whole experience. Then I played Maplestory for quite a while and got to almost third job then quit, then did more WoW, and dabbled in practically every MMORPG since then (EVE, GW2 being the biggest time hoggers).

Now, I'm playing ESO (leveling is so slow), and keeping an eye on the development of this great game!

TL;DR Hey!


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