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Japan style assasin fanart

Hello as you can read at the topic the picture below shows my own creation of an japanstyle assasin ... Im not am real artist or designer or something like this so dont be to hard... The picture itselfs shows an female assasin at an parade at an node maybe at an special day or at an party after you defeated an other node or defended your own 

My english is not that good sry im not an native :D 
I do this from my mobile so i hope it works 


  • I think it looks pretty dope! I would like to see such a costume for an event or perhaps the rogue class :)
  • Thx :D yeah i would like it too :) maybe i will "update" this by posting a few other fanarts in the comments :)

  • Looks nice, wouldn't mind that in the game.
  • Pretty nice though the body looks male ? and face female :3 or my eyes got bad xD
  • wanted it to look female but if i didnt get it imm sry :D 
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