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Transaction between own characters

Can we freely send money and items between our own characters? So is there some kind of mailing system or shared storage (in own house f.e.) or will there be none possibilities?


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    edited April 2018
    There will be no mailing of items. For moving gear and stuff between your own characters there will be a warehouse system that will not allow you to move things that will be affected by the caravan system. They addressed this in the latest livestream Q&As from PAX. Have a look.

    Speculation Disclaimer: Most likely items moved through the warehouse system will become bound, thus keeping crafters from putting items in at one location, pulling them out at another, and selling them for huge markup, getting around the caravan system. We know there will be limited soulbound items, this could be one of those limited instances.
  • If warehouse just works locally and if you want to deliver something between two cities and warehouses, then you just need to use caravan for that. I guess that would work just fine so we could skip that easy delivery with soulbound system. ;-)
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